Coaching skills & to transform your results as Manager, Entrepreneur or Consultant


Important Changes in the business world


PricewaterhouseCoopers Global Survey on Coaching, 2011

Nowadays organisations are under great pressure to increase their performance and profits. At the same time they need to weather the constant changes that technology, economy and legislation are bringing on them.

Consultants and entrepreneurs are more like being a partner than the expert when rendering services to their clients.

Consultants in a project management role need to be able to coach those on their teams or may need to be able to coach/mentor members of the client’s staff from time to time.

Managers have the task of unlocking people’s potential and motivating and engaging their team.

Coaching helps increase your organisation’s resilience and helps individuals manage change positively. Coaching can help with a variety of organisational issues including performance management, dealing with problem staff, maintaining a strategic approach and managing your people.

Why having coaching skills is more important than ever for Managers, Consultants & Entrepreneurs?

Coaching is a hot buzzword in today’s hectic business world, and coaching skills are fast becoming essential for any manager who wants to help develop others in the workplace.

Consultants and entrepreneurs looking to transform their business relationships to optimise productivity, profitability, loyalty and customer focus can do so by using coaching techniques.

Small, medium and large organisations benefit from this cost-effective way of developing employees, improve working relationships and make a difference in how we lead and support.

Don’t get left behind! Discover the true power of coaching skills and how as a manager / consultant you can create deeper understanding, camaraderie and create conversations that take people, organisations and plans further.


How to apply coaching techniques that produce great results.

Get the relationship going by creating safety, trust & presence

Get the right role at the right time: coach, manager or consultant

Stay on track during any interaction with the One Question



Unlock Your Potential: coaching skills to transform your results as manager, entrepreneur or consultant.

Powerful Training Course lead by professional leadership coach and coach trainer Edmée Schalkx, PCC

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In this dynamic program, you’ll receive everything you need to take your work and your workplace from good to great.

STARTS: APRIL 15, 2018

Transform your results as manager, entrepreneur or consultant.

Using the tools & techniques you will learn as your roadmap, you can be thoroughly ready to listen, encourage, and challenge others to greater achievement. Those you coach will enjoy greater job satisfaction and confidence, and your organization will benefit from this cost-effective way of developing employees and improving productivity. And you, the manager, consultant or entrepreneur, will witness growth in your working relationships and gain a tremendous sense of accomplishment.

What is included

Come and join me for this dynamic online course and learn how to use coaching skills and techniques to find the right balance between being a manager, consultant or entrepreneur, and when to coach, advice or give support

This program comprises 8 live online sessions with me as your lead trainer and 2 individual coaching calls.

Each module contains specific action steps, plus homework assignments.

 I’m also including special bonus interviews and case studies from my own clients and colleagues, where they practice coaching techniques.

 2 web labs where you will have the opportunity to practice the skills you are learning contains.

Plus get this fast action bonus when you register before March 15, 2018

– Life Purpose Session: A life purpose session helps you to answer the question, “Why?”  It clarifies “Why do you get up in the morning?” When you can quickly remind yourself what’s most important to you and in what order of priority, you not only gain clarity about the right decisions, but you also know why they’re the right decisions for you.

Register before March 15, 2018, to enjoy this exclusive deal (regular value €350,00)


Coaching skills to transform your results as manager, entrepreneur or consultant is an online course to help you create real measurable results.


You will learn:

  • 11 coaching core competences
  • Coaching models and tools
  • The different business roles know when and how to set coaching in
  • Create win-win situations when consulting/coaching/managing
  • Decide what kind of manager, consultant, entrepreneurs are you
  • How to manage cultural organisation, awareness and change using coaching skills and models
  • The “secrets” of how consulting, managing works within organisations

At the end of the program participants will have a basic understanding and skills of coaching. Will be able to apply coaching skills during consulting/advising, managing and as entrepreneurs, and know which skill goes with the different roles: coaching, consulting or management.



8 live sessions with Edmée Schalkx PCC

2 Individual Coaching Sessions

2 web lab sessions

Training material

Access to recorded sessions

Max 8 participants per courses


8 live sessions with Edmée Schalkx PCC

2 Individual Coaching Sessions

Training material

Access to recorded sessions

Decide the starting date

BONUS: Your article published in Business Fit Magazine

Designed for the individuals who wish to learn at their pace and have the programme tailor made to their needs.

What people are saying about this course

“I recently transitioned from stable employment to entrepreneurship, and was unclear on how to approach my customers and providers. I noticed my sales pitch wasn’t giving me results. Unlock Your Potential provided me with tools, practice during the sessions and easy to take actions that help me everyday to better manage my clients and get better results.”

Mariana De LaRosa – Puro Origen


“There’s much more to consulting than technical knowledge alone. You need to connect with your (potential) client, create an environment of trust where issues and problems can be safely discussed and solutions can be designed in a collaborative manner. With Unlock Your Potential I learned how to lead a constructive conversation with my clients so as to create the trust needed to move forward. This course is an eye-opener for anyone who wants to move to a consulting career.”

Grazia Maria Giordano – GMG Services


“Unlock Your Potential” is a practical training that teaches the basic skills of coaching management. Through it, Edmée shares valuable insights into the role of a coach, and shows you what motivates people or what inhibits them. You learn how to conduct professional and effective coaching conversations based on equality and trust. I highly recommend this course.”

Riikka Vartianen (Multilingual TCK and Training Manager)


Meet your coach trainer Edmée Schalkx PCC

Edmée is an anthropologist, speaker, trainer, professional certified coach, a globetrotter and a third culture kid (TCK). She boasts an extensive career as consultant, trainer, manager, entrepreneur and coach trainer.

Edmée has worked for NGO’s, Fortune 500 companies and several small and medium enterprises. She is the owner of aNDE Leadership Solutions on Demand founded in 1999. The experience collected during her work as employee and entrepreneur are the basis of this program.

Frequently Asked Questions

This programme is designed for consultants, managers and entrepreneurs who are looking to understand what is coaching, when and how to use coaching skills to create win-win situations with clients, team members, when hiring coaching programmes, conflict management, have a high impact when communicating plans, goals, etc.

This course consists of:

  • 8 consecutive weekly live lessons of 90 minutes durations.
  • 2 individual coaching calls (approx. 60 minutes each call) to be scheduled separately
  • 2 web labs of 90 minutes each.

Total hours of contact with trainer-coach: 17 hours approx.. Lessons, individual coaching and web labs will be given live via Zoom (online, and you can access from your computer, smartphone or tablet)

You can choose out of two tracks:


Total cost includes training and coaching hours, training material, recording classes = €1500  (plus 21% VAT for residents in The Netherlands).


Designed for the individuals who want to learn on their pace and have the programme tailor made to their needs. Also you have the possibility to publish and article in Business Fit Magazine  Total cost includes training and coaching hours, training material, recording classes = €2700 (21% VAT applies for residents in The Netherlands).

The training program accepts a maximum of 8 participants. It can also be designed for one participant – for more information send an email to edmee@ande.nl

April 2, 2018, till May 28, 2018