Tendencias en el Coaching 2017 – 2022

      Coaching ya no es una "palabra sucia" y no es sólo se usar en los deportes. Hoy en día la gente no se avergüenza de decir que están trabajando con un coach. Por el contrario, los coaches están siendo ostentados en las salas de juntas, los puestos de trabajo...

What’s behind the story?

What’s behind the story?

Coaches listen and then ask questions. A real danger is when a coach is listening to the client telling about a situation and is not listening "behind" the words. When staying in the "gossip" the coach might not probe deeper, then the coach hears only a single side of...


7 tips to find the best mentor-coach for you

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Edmée is a Professional Certified Coach (PCC) and a Certified Mentor Coach with over 15 years of broad international experience supporting coaches to prepare for ICF certifications and individuals with their personal growth. Her trademark course International Mentor Coach Training Program: Going Beyond Models has received enthusiastic reviews from its participants.


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