If you are in a leadership position, your job performance holds an even greater weight than other employees because your actions have a stronger impact on your team and the wider organization.

Read on to learn six more ways to improve your job performance as a leader.

How can I improve my work performance as a leader?

Here are the six essential ways to improve job performance as a leader:

  1. Connection

Recognize the importance of your relationship with every member of the team. Get to know your staff well—not just professionally, but have an understanding of who they are as a person.

If you know your colleagues and are able to connect with them, you can nurture hidden talents, put together dynamic teams, communicate successfully and command the respect necessary for good leadership.

  1. Goal-setting

Growth is important for every area of an organization. Set achievable but motivating goals for each individual, team and department as well as company-wide, strategic goals.

With your entire workforce looking forwards and focused on growth, you can avoid stagnation and foster an ongoing momentum across the company that promotes growth, creativity and performance.

  1. Transparency

Growth and strong job performance can only happen in open and transparent environments. Ensure your work culture encourages good job performance by promoting clear communication and honest working practices.

  1. Ethos

Good work performance should be built into the core ethos of an organization.

Explore how you can positively encourage and support strong job performance from a strategic level. Consider incentives such as rewards, team celebrations, community activities, sabbaticals and opportunities for staff to explore wider interests.

  1. Career development

Discover how far your organization fosters continual personal development for staff at all levels. An organization with formal mechanisms that allow all staff to grow whilst encouraging creativity and innovation, is destined for success

  1. Reflection

For each of these essential skills to develop, you and your team will need to recognize the importance of evaluation and reflection.

Invite feedback for your own performance and understand the value of constructive criticism.

As you demonstrate your willingness to grow, you’ll see it has a knock-on effect on your team members, placing you in the perfect position to replicate the experience across other areas of your organization.



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