Edmée Schalkx

I am a Professional Certified Coach and a Certified Mentor Coach with over 15 years of experience preparing coaches for ICF certifications and supporting individuals with their personal growth.

My coaching work is about helping individuals, entrepreneurs and executives to identify their own style, become aware of it and develop it, so that they can function well in any environment while respecting who they are. Because after all, no matter how hard you try, copying others does not work.

I also work with coaches to whom I give my in-depth understanding of ICF Core Competencies as well as coaching and Mentor Coaching requirements so that they can further refine their coaching skills, and better serve their clients.

I truly beliefve in the need of the professionalisation of the coaching practice and have served as a chair for the ICF Certification and Accreditation Work.

Group, founded the Netherlands’ first ICF chapter in 2005 and later helped establish ICF Europe.

Prior to becoming a coach, I worked for a variety of international organisations and multinational companies in the field of project management and organizational change. Having lived and worked in over 12 different countries in Latin America, Asia& Europe have provided me with an international foundation in life and in my career, gaining a deep cultural awareness and understanding that I apply in my coaching practice and beyond.

Presently I teach an International Mentor Coach Training Program entitled, Going Beyond Models, which has received very flattering reviews from its participants. My trademark program, Jumpstart to Success, helps individuals achieve their goals without struggle and I have authored the accompanying book, Congratulations! You Hired a Coach.

Edmée Schalkx

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