Do any of these statements sound like you:

“Will I have a job in the future?”

“I often think that “Millenials are hard to manage’”

“How do I get my diverse team working together?”

If you agree with even one of those remarks, I have some good news for you.

You are not alone

Global connectivity, smart machines, and new media are just some of the drivers reshaping how we think about work, what constitutes work, and the skills we will need to be productive contributors in the future. The next decade will bring massive changes to the way we work and learn.

The future demands new strategies to adapt and thrive. We need to start today to develop the skills needed in the future.

Many people would like to communicate better with those from different backgrounds.

It can lead to easier communication, increased sales, more productive meetings, and better management. It can also help avoid offense and upset.

In fact, in today’s world of multinational teams and client lists, you must learn to cross cultural divides if you want to succeed. Because culture is an integral part of us all, defining the way we treat others and ourselves.

Think how much easier, and profitable, life would be

If you could communicate effectively with anyone – regardless of where they come from.

Over the years, I have taught many professionals – managers, coaches, consultants and more – how to cross (cultural) divides.

People thrive as a result of my coaching

Managers are more able to communicate with and motivate their staff. And coaches and consultants find their markets dramatically broadened – enabling them to take on clients from anywhere in the world.

Now I would like to offer you the same opportunity through my new course. This teaches my own special system – the Safety, Trust and Presence Approach (STP for short).

Course leader

I am Edmée Schalkx, a Professional Certified Coach and Certified Mentor Coach with over 15 years of experience gained across Latin America, Asia and Europe.

During the course I will show you how to:


Understand and use the principles of cross-border communication


Deal and communicate with people from a variety of different backgrounds


Create presence, so that everybody trusts you and listens to you


Increase your cultural awareness


Appreciate & enjoy connecting with people with different ways of thinking


Create deeper connections with people


Recognise the impact of the skills required for the jobs of the future


Understand your own cultural biases and blind spots – and how to overcome them


After completing the course, you will be able to:


Communicate effectively with anyone, regardless of background


Reduce and avoid team conflicts


Help people from different backgrounds work together more effectively, thus boosting productivity


Empathise more, enabling you to see things from the point of view of others


Defuse difficult behaviour and situations through neutral and non-provocative reactions


Use cultural understanding to coach and/or manage more efficiently


Avoid causing cultural offence

(Please note: this isn’t about specific cultures, it is not an anthropology lesson. I teach you something much more powerful – how to understand the common threads that bind us all, regardless of race, religion or creed, and how to use this knowledge to your own benefit.)

Is this course for you?

My course won’t suit everyone. Your investment will work best if you want to improve your cultural competency and have at least five years working experience. Ideally, you should also be one of the following:


A coach, trainer or consultant with international clients, or ambition to coach globally


A manager in a diverse team/company

Course Details


Classes take place online via the ZOOM portal. I’ll give you full instructions on how to join. Individual coaching can take place via ZOOM, or in person.


One ninety-minute class weekly for five weeks (max. eight people per class) and two sixty-minute individual sessions (by arrangement).


Thursdays at 16.00 CET, during five weeks.

Starts– 6th September 2018 – Ends- 4th October 2018.


Course Language



Your investment is only EUR 1.200 – if you register before May 15, 2018 (Regular price is EUR 1.500)

Book Your Place Now

I am also available to visit you or your company and deliver in-house training/consultancy. Please contact me for more details.

Early Bird Registration EUR 1.200

Regular price: EUR 1.500,00

Early Bird Expires in








Full money-back guarantee

I am confident I can help you take your career to a whole new level. To show you just how confident, let me make you a personal and unconditional promise.

Take part in the course, put all my recommendations into practice and if you don’t feel you have got any benefit, let me know and I will refund all your money.


Early Bird Registration EUR 1.200

Regular price: EUR 1.500,00

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