ICF Mentor Coaching, Going Beyond Models

For coaches seeking an ICF credential (portfolio) and/or for ICF certified coaches who are working towards renewal and/or obtaining a higher ICF level of credential and/or coaches that seek continued development and want to grow their confidence in their coaching skills.

ICF Mentor CoachingGoing Beyond Models

Tailored program for coaches seeking an ICF credential (portfolio) and or for ICF certified coaches who are working towards renewal and or obtaining a higher ICF level of credential and/or coaches working across cultures

Why is it relevant to be a certified coach?

  • Certified coaches earn more money – ( PwC study 2017)
  • Corporations are asking for credentials
  • Belonging to a select group of professional coaches (ICF)
  • Keeps skills fine-tuned and stay ahead with actual information


Putting all the pieces together

What I realised is that I had many pieces but had never really put them together.
The mentor calls have made me see and complete the puzzle

Galina Bunkova

Why Mentor Coaching Calls?

Whether you are seeking an ICF credential (portfolio or higher ICF credential level), working towards renewal and/or seeking continued development, Mentor Coaching is the best way to prepare for the ICF certification process and gain confidence in your coaching abilities.

Mentor Coaching for Certification Process:
ICF requires a minimum of 10hrs Mentor Coaching to be able to qualify for one of the three ICF certification levels. Joining the Mentor Coaching sessions will help you to understand the process, regulations, and prepare to successfully obtain your accreditation.

Mentor Coaching for Certification Renewal:
Prepare for the Coach Knowledge Assessment (CKA) plus receive guidelines how to prepare recordings and further develop as a masterful coach, and detailed feedback on the recordings submitted.  Understand what is expected for each level of certification.

Mentor Coaching for Coaches working with clients from different backgrounds:
As a certified mentor coach specialised in cross cultural coaching & training, I do give special attention to the Cultural Competency during the Mentor Coaching Sessions. If you are working with clients from different background than yours, during the Mentor Coaching Calls we review the Core Competencies through a cultural lens, so that you become consciously aware of the ways in which the invisible cultural elements can influence your relationship with your coachee.

Who is this program is for?

Coaches looking for mentoring toward achieving a credential, continuing education units and guidance through the credentialing application ( especially the portfolio path) and in need of renewal.

What you get


A deeper understanding

of the ICF Core Competencies and the ICF Ethics


Insights on Your Coaching Style

Get a clear picture of  your blind spots, strengths and weaknesses and coaching style.


Credentialing Success

The ICF Mentor Coaching Going Beyond Models has has a 99% ICF credentialing success among participants from ACC to PCC

12 CCE's or 12 Mentor Coaching Hours

To use for your certification or renewal


Understanding what feedback is

How to give it and how to receive it


Enhance your coaching skills

Sessions structure offer plenty of opportunities to sharpen your skills


Looking beyond models

Leverage on them, instead of depending on them


Sharing time

Learn  from sharing your challenges and experiences with other coaches


Special attention to the Cultural Competency

Become consciously aware of the ways in which the invisible cultural elements can influence your relationship with your coachee

How is this program different?

  • Program led by a Certified Mentor Coach, trained by a renown school
  • Gain cultural awareness: learn to coach through the “invisible” barriers of culture
  • Because I speak five languages, and have experience working and living abroad, I easily attune to the needs of coaches for whom English is not their mother language
  • Learn to look beyond models: leverage on them, instead of depending on them
  • Extensive experience in guiding coaches through the portfolio path, understand the demands and can ‘translate’ ICF language
  • This programs teaches you to leverage on models instead of depending on them
  • Over 150 coaches mentored  in their certification process
  • I was chair of the ICF certification & accreditation group who established the present certification process

Call Structure

During the individual and group calls I create trust, deeply listen to the conversations and coaching labs, support you as a coach to go straight to what clients are saying and help you to avoid getting stuck in the story that’s being told so you can focus on the coaching process and bring the client to where he/she needs to be.

Individual Mentor Coaching

  • 90 minute calls via Zoom
  • On the spot feedback of your own coaching skills
  • Scan where the client is presently in his/her coaching and where do they want to go
  • Listening to recordings brought in by the client and get a complete assessment and feedback
  • Review the Coaching Core Competencies & ethics and, if desired include the module “looking at the Core Competencies through the lens of culture”
  • Training material package with different readings, cases and information regarding the Coach Knowledge Assessment (CKA)
  • Ample chance to discuss cultural issue that (might) affect coaching across culture
  • The client has the freedom to dictate agenda – time and date plus content (miminum time spent is 3 months)

Combo Mentor Coach Calls

  1. Bi-Monthly Group Calls plus Individual Sessions
  2. All the benefits listed in Individual Mentor Coaching plus:
        • Discuss one competency at a time
        • Practice lessons learned
        • Group discussion regarding different coaching situations and outcomes
        • Peer to peers support
        • Active participation of all coaches
        • Collegial partnership in small groups
        • Handout about giving and receiving feedback

        Starting Dates 2021:

        January 29 – April 30 – October 1

Complementary Mentor Coach Session (Valid of 0.5CCE)

Because I believe in the value of mentor coaching for coaches seeking an ICF certification  or additional learning, and want to go deeper in their understanding and mastering of the ICF Core Coaching Competencies, for a limited time I am offering complimentary 30 minutes Mentor Coaching Session, so that you can experience the benefits of mentor coaching. After the session you will receive a 0.5 CCE which you can use towards certification or renewal. 

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EURIndividual Coaching Hours

Mentor Coaching available in English, Dutch & Spanish

10 Mentor Coaching Hours or 10CCE’s

Flexible times & dates.

Sessions duration between 60-90 minutes each

Recommendation letters to ICF, if needed



USD190.00 / EUR 160*

Contact us directly if you are interested in this option

10 SESSIONS Package

EUR 1.600* / USD1,950.00 

Installment plan available

*21% VAT to be applied to residents in The Netherlands


Combo Mentor Coach Calls

Bi-monthly sessions plus Individual Calls

Starting Dates 2021: (English)

January 29   –  April 30  –  October 1

  • Six group session in three months of 90 min each
  • Three individual calls

Check the time in your country hereMax 6 participants.

3 ICF CCEU’s for every 2 sessions.

Recommendation letters to ICF, if needed

Individual Calls: tailor made to your needs. Dates to be agreed upon



 EUR 1350,00* (USD 1,636.00)


Three monthly installments of EUR 483,00* each (USD 586.00  each)

*21% VAT to be applied to residents in The Netherlands


Relating culture to coaching

“Edmée is a great mentor coach who is committed to helping coaches achieve excellence and meeting the ICF coaching standards. I hired Edmée as part of my ICF accreditation and we worked on the ICF competency. She is dedicated, culture savvy, passionate, open-minded, professional and extremely knowledgeable. I particularly appreciated working with her because she has the unique quality of relating culture to coaching which fits to the kind of coaching I provide as well as giving me concrete examples. I also liked that she could challenge me in improving my skills while being very empathetic. I would definitely recommend Edmée to any coach who would like to bring the coaching skills to the next level.”

Magaly Toussaint

International expat career coach

Coaching to a higher level

“I choose Edmée’s mentoring sessions mainly because of her experience and knowledge of ICF. During the mentoring program I discovered her added value during her explanations about the core competencies; this training also added skills to my toolbox, which raised my coaching to a higher level. The program is more than just ‘doing’ the core competencies; it is about where you would like to go as a coach, what is the next step you would like to take. We had a small group, which made the bi-monthly meetings personal having enough room for everyone.”

Henriëtte Wentholt, PCC

Intercultural Coach and Trainer


Putting all the pieces together

What I realised is that I had many pieces but had never really put them together.
The mentor calls have made me see and complete the puzzle

Galina Bunkova

More than Mentor Coaching!

Whatever I could say to recommend Edmée as a Mentor Coach will fall short, compared to what she really is. Not only did I enjoy her presence and sense of humor, which are indispensable for me to really pay attention, also her wisdom, care, and dedication which are absolutely magnificent. She supervised me and taught me what I needed to learn as per the ICF, and also shared her techniques and systems, like her solid STP Approach.
She does what she needs to do and 100% more. Having as a Mentor someone so passionate as I am , was undoubtedly a wonderful experience. If you need a Mentor Coach, a Coach, a Speaker, specialized in cultural interaction, Edmée is the best person.

Diana Tapia

Founder, Worldwide Immigrants Association

Balance between theory & practice

The facilitation of the course was excellent. Good structure and balance between the theory and practical aspects of the course. The live coaching sessions and recordings together with the feedback from your peers and mentor coach were of great help, as by seeing oneself in action reveals opportunities for improvement within your coaching style. Edmée, the mentor coach, is also very knowledgeable on the various aspects of coaching and gives precise and candid feedback.

Innocent Obwino

Coach - CIIJ Consultancy Limited

More self-confidence and a excellent preparation for the Certification exam

“Edmée has been a wonderful mentor coach. She has the ability to distill a complex discussion and bring out the key highlights in a simple yet effective way. Working with Edmeé has made me more confident as a coach and I have learnt so much from her on coaching skills. She has always been available to consult, help and she really genuinely wants to see her mentor coachees succeed. She will give you honest but helpful feedback. She has a deep understanding of diverse cultures that makes the discussions very rich. I am glad I have had Edmée as my cheerleader, teacher and friend as I work on applying for my ACC credentialing. If you are looking to work with a mentor coach, Edmée is the right person to talk to.”

Thrity Mbuthia

Lead Consultant

Hi! I am Edmée Schalkx, PCC

From my unique position as a cultural anthropologist and personal experience as expat and daughter of immigrants I support my clients to develop the culture competency by working with the ICF core competencies and teaching how to look through the lens of culture. This allows you to develop the cultural competency to coach more effectively across cultures, and so amplifying your market.
As a Certified Mentor Coach  specialised in Cross cultural coaching and training, I have been involved with the ICF since 2000 as founder and president of the Dutch ICF chapter and then 4 years as member and chair of the commission of certification and accreditation.