why is this

We are all humans and as such we all love a good story!

It is nothing more than natural to be attracted by “gossip”, details and get lost in the story.

When we are coaching we need to be aware that the story in itself with all the juicy gossip and details has no place in the conversation.

The coach needs to listen underneath the different levels of the conversation: the words, the non-verbal communication, emotions – showed and hidden.

The tip I always share with my coach-clients is:  ask yourself – why is this client telling me this NOW? This question will help you to stay focused and listen to what really matters.

If you cannot grasp the message. Just ask the client: Why are you telling me this story now? What is so important you had to share?


  • This will bring you faster to the issue the client wants to work on
  • Help you draft a “clean and clear” agreement
  • supports you and the client to stay on track