Coaching is no longer a “dirty word”, and it is not only limited to the sports world. Nowadays people do not feel ashamed to say they are working with a coach. On the contrary, coaches are being flaunted in the boardrooms, job seekers are asking for coaching, entrepreneurs are more successful when they are working with a coach.

But what is coaching really and what are the benefits of working with a coach?

Coaching is a profession that aims to support people in achieving goals and personal development and improve performance, but also is great to gain clarity of mind and make the right decisions, even if these are hard.

While reviewing an article I wrote a while ago on Trends in coaching that are turning the profession around I realised the trends in coaching have not changed that much. The original article was written with coaches in mind. This “update” further elaborates on that article. Here I look at what is happening around that will make coaching a more accepted way of personal and leadership development tool.


✓ Unemployment will be on the rise except for high-tech trained professionals
High-tech jobs will be difficult to fill out, while for another kind of professionals unemployment will be high. Also, less qualified, experienced and knowledgeable coaches will drop out.

✓ Conflicts on the work between “Baby-Boomers” and “Millennials”
While Baby-Boomers are getting older and expected to work longer, Millennials will be taking over the workforce. Experience versus new ideas. Coaching will be used to resolve conflicts and train new leadership.

✓ Coaching skills will be widespread
Managers, leaders, teachers, caretakers are expected to have coaching skills

✓ Universities will become the main primary generator of professional coaches
Coaches will have a college degree, few coaching schools will survive, and the training price will skyrocket.

✓ Delivery of coaching and training will be online
Coaching and training will be less and less face to face. Webinars and online coaching will become the norm. Also, coaching sessions will be shorter (a couple of minutes) with the aim to address specific issues.

✓ Scientific research on coaching will increase
Diverse data proving a scientific basis for coaching results is on the rise. There will be more funds rendered available for this topic.

✓ Regulation of coaching
Coaching will be widely accepted as a profession with own codes of ethics and requirements. We will see that countries will start regulating coaching and education systems/governments/professional organizations will be in charge of enhancing the profession. The intention is to stop the “mushroom” growth of coaches and bringing the quality to a higher standard.

✓ Coaching across borders will be most common
With a more global economy and technology within hand reach, coaches and managers will be working across borders. Hence bilingual and cultural competent coaches will be in high demand.

✓ Coaches will be expected to be mentored or supervised
Coaches will be expected to fulfill regulated requirements, including constant mentoring or supervision to assess coaches’ qualities and expertise.  Mentors and supervisors will be certified.


For users:

  • The quality of coaches will be high, and the decision will most probably lie on the client needs or the coach’s expertise
  • Coaches will need to show credentials and be accountable for the quality of the coaching they offer
  • Coaching will be based on scientific research, supporting the development of coaching
  • Users will demand Multicultural and bilingual coaches

For coaches:

  • Only highly trained coaches will survive the “coaching revolution”
  • Coaches will have to develop skills such as cultural competence, multilingual, and have additional  specific training such as neuroscience, cultural awareness or languages
  • Invest  more money and time on education and staying up to date
  • Will need to work with certified mentor coaches and supervisors
  • Adhere to individual countries regulations and requirements


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