Mentor Coaching & Supervision: Sharpening the Saw
For certified coaches that want to sharpen their coaching skills and continue to grow as a professional coach.

Mentor Coaching & SupervisionSharpening the Saw

Tailored program for certified coaches seeking to sharpen their coaching skills and further growth as a professional coach.
Whether you are working towards a higher ICF certification level (PCC or MCC), renewal (ACC, PCC, MCC) and/or seeking continued development, Mentor Coaching & Supervision is the best way to gain confidence in your coaching abilities, prepare for certification and complete the hours required by ICF for credential renewal.

Mentor Coaching  & Supervision for Higher Certification:
ICF requires a minimum of 10hrs Mentor Coaching to be able to qualify for one of the three ICF certification levels. Joining the Mentor Coaching & Supervision sessions will help you to  prepare to successfully obtain your accreditation.

Note: If you need to become familiar with the ICF certification process please check Mentor Coaching Sessions, Going Beyond Models

Mentor Coaching for Certification Renewal:
These sessions cover the ICF requirement of seven group coaching hours: 8hrs for Core Competencies and 3hrs for Ethics. (If needed you can purchase the three individual hours separately).

Mentor Coaching for Coaches working with clients from different backgrounds:
As a certified mentor coach specialised in cross cultural coaching & training, I do give special attention to the Cultural Competency during the Mentor Coaching Sessions. If you are working with clients from different background than yours, during the Mentor Coaching Calls we review the Core Competencies through a cultural lens, so that you become consciously aware of the ways in which the invisible cultural elements can influence your relationship with your coachee.

What you get


A deeper understanding

of the ICF Core Competencies and the ICF Ethics

Your Coaching Style

Get a clear picture of  your blind spots, strengths and weaknesses and coaching style.

Looking beyond models

Leverage on them, instead of depending on them

Understanding what feedback is

How to give it and how to receive it

Enhance your coaching skills

Sessions structure offer plenty of opportunities to sharpen your skills

Sharing time

Learn  from sharing your challenges and experiences with other coaches

Special attention to the Cultural Competency

Become consciously aware of the ways in which the invisible cultural elements can influence your relationship with your coachee

Call Structure

During the individual and group calls I create trust, deeply listen to the conversations and coaching labs, support you as a coach to go straight to what clients are saying and help you to avoid getting stuck in the story that’s being told so you can focus on the coaching process and bring the client to where he/she needs to be.

Mentor & Supervision Coach Calls

Monthly Group Calls 9 hours mentor coaching/supervision – 8 group 1 individual hours

  • 9 hours mentor coaching/supervision – 8 group 1 individual hours
  • Detect and understand own blind spots and how to overcome them
  • Reflection on what issues your clients bring and you manage the situations
  • Sharpen your communication skills
  • Review ICF core coach competencies
  • How to create an inclusive presence based on trust and safety
  • Increase your cultural awareness

All the hours can be used as Mentor Coaching or CCE’s (renewal certification)

Next Group starts on September 17, 2018


  • Complete review of ethics and Coaching Core Competencies and changes ICF has introduced
  • Learned to communicate effectively with anyone regardless background
  • Know how to use cultural understanding to coach more effectively
  • Prioritised your blind spots and have concrete steps to overcome them
  • Know how to coach people from different backgrounds and needs


This course is for you if:

  • You are a certified coach (EMCC, ICF)
  • Want to sharpen your coaching skills
  • Seek to grow further as a professional coach

Complementary Mentor Coach Session (Valid of 0.5 CCE)

Because I believe in the value of mentor coaching for coaches seeking an ICF certification  or additional learning, and want to go deeper in their understanding and mastering of the ICF Core Coaching Competencies, for a limited time I am offering complimentary 30 minutes Mentor Coaching Session, so that you can experience the benefits of mentor coaching. After the session you will receive a 0.5 CCE which you can use towards certification or renewal. 

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Individual Coaching Hours

Mentor Coaching available in English, Dutch & Spanish

Flexible times & dates.

Sessions duration 60 minutes each

Recommendation letters to ICF, if needed



USD190.00 / EUR 160*
Contact us directly if you are interested in this option

10 SESSIONS Package

USD1,800.00  / EUR 1.500*
Installment plan available

*21% VAT to be applied to residents in The Netherlands

Mentor Coach & Supervision Calls

Four Monthly sessions plus one  Individual Call – Max 6 participants.
Calls Dates 2019: September/October (Dates will be announced shortly) – Time: 4pm Central European Time

Check the time in your country here

  • Four group calls in three months of 120 min each
  • One individual call of 1hr

Language: English:

2 ICF CCEU’s for every session.

Recommendation letters to ICF, if needed

If you need Individual Calls you can purchase these separately (check Individual Coaching Hours)



Early Bird: EUR 725,00* (USD 850.00) – ends August 12, 2018

Regular Rate: EUR 850,00*  (USD 997.00)


Two monthly installments of EUR 450,00* each (USD 530.00  each)

*21% VAT to be applied to residents in The Netherlands

Hi! I am Edmée Schalkx, PCC

I am a firm believer that coaches should often stop and review how they are coaching, what is their path of growth and how are they being of service to themselves and clients.
In this new program specially created for certified coaches of any level, I apply a combination of mentor coaching and supervision skills, adding cultural awareness skills. As S. Covey said: “Sharpen The Saw discusses self-renewal, self-care, self-respect and self-improvement.”
As a Certified Mentor Coach  specialised in Cross cultural coaching and training, I have been involved with the ICF since 2000 as founder and president of the Dutch ICF chapter and then 4 years as member and chair of the commission of certification and accreditation.