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The topic of TCK’s is an ever-present one in my blog and my presentations. Here a selection of the most relevant posts.

I am a TCK

With what I now know, I understand my struggle to be accepted and fit in

TCK’s an asset for employers

These individuals often offer solutions in a unique and creative way.

Successful Intercultural Networking

When networking across cultures you need to be aware of the local customs, norms, values and the etiquette. How to navigate the waters of intercultural networking with success?

How to build trust across cultures

When you network in a place which isn’t your birthplace, networking can be a challenge

Networking without a birth-network

Networking can be a challenge; it can be nerve-racking, even stressful. When you network in a place which isn’t your birthplace, you can add feeling awkward to the mix. But it does not have to be that way.

Free Resource: 7 tips to become more culture savvy

Culture determines how we perceive concepts like time and silence. Some cultures find silence impolite, some go easy on the time and do not understand anything o’clock. Find out what else you don’t know. Download here (opt-in required)

Event: Virtual Coffee – July 11, 2017

Live virtual coffee calls (via zoom) with the intention to connect and share topics set by the group.

July 11 @ 4pm (Central Europe) is the next coffee. The conversation will be about the power of TCKs – 3rd culture kids: how to find them, manage them but also how are TCKs being coached, what do they know about how culture impacts their lives.

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Food for Thought

“When you have developed a set of skills, behaviors, attitudes, and policies that support you to move seamlessly across cultures, be open to differences and help create a common ground where people can meet in an environment of respect and equality while maintaining own norms and values, then you are Culturally Competent

“Culture is a concept that goes beyond countries; as coaches we need to become aware of the importance of developing The Cultural Competence to ensure a safe and trusting meeting space where the coach is present and culturally sensitive.”