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aNDANDO* July 2018

*walking, moving forward, get into action


June was an incredibly productive month for me. I have written new articles, developed tailored services for professional coaches, and took additional steps to continue my personal and professional development.
As a professional coach, I do prize continuous education. It’s the best way to polish our skills and better serve our clients. Hence why one of my future services focuses on helping professional coaches to do exactly that. Stay tuned!
Some highlights of this month:
ICF leverages on Jeopardy!
The International Coach Federation was recently mentioned on the long-running TV game show Jeopardy! ICF has leveraged its spot in the limelight to create more excitement and awareness about its International Coaching Week. Read more here: How one association capitalized on a Jeopardy! mention
Books are the training weights of the mind
Not my words but those of Epictetus. It is no secret that I love books. For me, books are magic. Books enrich our souls. I just read a study that people are at their happiest when reading!  Did you know that there is a word for loving the smell of old books: “Bibliosmia”.
In 2016 I was invited by Springer Publishing to write a chapter on the impact of culture during coaching sessions for their Almanac 2018. Writing this book changed a lot for me: my perception, my way of looking at things and the services I want to offer to my clients.
The almanac titled “The Professional Coaching – principles and practice”,  is an authoritative guide to provide a comprehensive overview of professional coaching. It also incorporates a wealth of knowledge from international experts (among which yours truly).
The book will be released in December 2018 and you can pre-order with a discount. Use promo code ENGLISH25 to get a 25% discount.
Barriers in Coaching:
I am not sure what happened, but my last blog was from 24 January 2018.  Oh, maybe I was “hobbying” rather than enterprising.  Nonetheless, I am back in my flow, thanks to getting organised, and this blog on how culture shapes our values and norms is the result:  The Invisible barrier in coaching
Special invitation:
25th July 2018: join me and other coaches and consultants to the monthly Virtual Coffee.*  These virtual coffees are collegial calls of 60 minutes where professional coaches, consultants and managers discuss topics of interest. No sales pitches. Just lively conversations and exchanges.
Topic: How we can connect and work together.
Feel free to join!
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I specialise in working with coaches, entrepreneurs, consultants and leaders who want to excel in communicating and relating with others while bypassing the invisible barriers of culture.
Whenever you are ready these are three ways I can help you:
Mentor coaching Going Beyond Models:  This is an individual or group programme for coaches seeking an ICF certification, improving coaching skills or looking at blind spots that have slowly ingrained in their coaching skills. The group programmes are scheduled four times a year, and individuals mentor coaching upon request.
Culture: invisible barrier:  Many people would like to communicate better with those from different backgrounds. It can lead to easier communication, increased sales, more productive meetings, and better management. It can also help avoid offence and upset.
In fact, in today’s world of multinational teams and client lists, you must learn to cross-cultural divides if you want to succeed. Because culture is an integral part of us all, defining the way we treat others and ourselves.
One-on-one coaching:   Are you looking for answers, wanting to improve your communication skills or become more culture savvy?  Just book a complimentary call.
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Edmée Schalkx PCC specialises in working with coaches, entrepreneurs, consultants and leaders who want to excel in communicating and relating with others while bypassing the invisible barriers of culture.

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